Why is
Darrel running?

Darrel is running as an independent minded Democrat focused on good paying jobs, properly funding public schools, and increasing access to quality affordable healthcare for all Texans!

To put it simply, people, businesses and town governments deserve leaders that truly care about and respond to our needs and concerns. When the freeze came that cold February, most of our district’s representatives were unreachable to citizens and non-responsive to local leaders. Some even got on a plane and left the country! There are countless times when the district’s current representative fails to bring relief in the face of power outages lasting hours, or even days. They ignore our calls and emails requesting action when whole cities are under boil notice. With high property taxes and tolls, you’d think we’d have better roads, more reliable utilities, and access to a primary care doctor closer than three or four cities away. We are worthy of active leaders who have the people’s best interest at heart.

Darrel’s roles as a father, husband, and neighbor compel him to consider the needs of our schools, healthcare system, and local infrastructure. Living in Lowry Crossing, you see how important it is to address all segments of a multigenerational community. Living between neighbors who on one side look like your grandparents and on the other a young couple, you feel a greater purpose and connectedness. It feels good when you’re doing well, and your neighbor is too.

About Darrel

Darrel Evans and his wife Jade wanted to move to Lowry Crossing, TX even before they laid eyes on it. Collin County is such a beautiful place and full of friendly diverse faces with wonderful food. They have a five year old son, two dogs, goats, geese, chickens, ducks and turkeys! Between feeding all these animals and keeping the goats from escaping, Darrel even has room and time for a wonderful wife Jade who has been by his side for nearly twenty-five years. They met in high school and even went to senior prom together. Pictures available upon request.

As an Advertising Consultant in the automotive industry, Darrel understands what businesses need to thrive and grow. He has been in sales and operations for over twenty years in the propane, marine, restaurant, and automotive spaces. Working his way through college by waiting tables, laying tile, and installing hardwood floors taught him the value of hard work and to respect working people.